Our Staff

Mrs Paula Warding
Executive Head Teacher
Mrs Gemma Callaghan (NPQH)
Head of School
Mrs Louise Smith
CEO of Warrington Primary Academy Trust
Mrs Melissa Young
School Inclusion Lead
Mrs Debbie Sutton
Nursery Key Worker & Pastoral and Inclusion Lead
Miss Kim Sands (QTS)
Reception and Year 1 Teacher
Miss Ruth Curtis (QTS)
Year 2 & 3 & 4 Teacher
Mrs S. Price (QTS)
Year 5 & 6 Teacher ( Senior Leader)
Miss Alice Pemberton (QTS)
ASC Resource Provision Teacher
Mrs Emily Arnaud
Mrs Sarah Wainwright
EYFS Key Worker
Mrs Sally-Anne Thompson
EYFS Key Worker
Mrs J. Hindle
Reception and Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Miss Rebecca Lydon
Year 3 & 4 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Mandy Atherton
Year 5 & 6 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Katherine Alexander
ASC Provision
Mrs Heather Morgan
ASC Provision
Mrs Sara Wakefield
Business Manager
Miss Sarah Carter
Admin Officer
Mr Michael Doherty
Site Manager
Mr Paul Ferguson
Estates Manager
Ms Stephanie Cawte
Mid Day Assistant
Miss Amy Minchew
Kitchen Manager