Tawny Owls - Resourced Provision

Reading in Tawny Owls

In Tawny Owls we love to share fiction and non-fiction books regularly.  Sometimes these books will be linked to our class English theme, sometimes it will be drawn from our special interests or be books we have read before and love!

We read every day with each child either individually,  in a group or both on busy days.  We have at least one whole class story a day and we all love to take turns to share our favourites - even the adults.

Click on the images to listen to  some of our current favourites....

Over the next few weeks be sure to check back to see our book reviews and our surprise poem performance.

Early Reading Skills and Phonics

Early reading skill development helps us to be independent readers.  At the moment we use Letters and Sounds to help us develop our phonic knowledge and we love to play a range of phonic games. A favourite we never get bored of is Pirate Treasure which is perfect to play at home too and can be used to consolidate daily phonics teaching by selecting the appropriate sounds to focus on.

Reading Progression

Developing a love for reading is an area of focus in Tawny Owls.  Children are encouraged to read and share their favourite books and are happy to express their likes and dislikes in all genres of print! We spend a lot of time developing children's comprehension and inference skills once the children have a good grasp of phonics.  We like to ensure that our children are understanding what they are reading so explore print in many forms be this instructions, recipes, information books, quick reads and imaginative stories.