Snowy Owls - Year 1/2

Snowy Owls
Our Reading Journey!

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Reading at home

In Snowy Owls we are trying to encourage a love for reading and increase engagement from home by giving children an initial incentive. If a child reads at home 40 times they will recieve a golden ticket which allows them to pick a prize from our box. We have this displayed on our class reading wall to ensure children can watch their progres. Books are changed twice a week but we encourage the child to change it more if necessary.

Guided Reading

We usually do our Guided Reading as a carousel throughout the week where children are in different groups and are heard weekly by the teacher. Sometimes it can be more of a shared read where the children are encouraged to talk about the book more.

During our guided reading session we will look to develop fluency, decoding of words, comprehension, handwriting, spelling and a love for reading. At Weaver Vale we love to share a range of fiction and non-fiction books, but also novels as well as book banded reads. We also like to use Pobble365 as a whole class Reading activity to focus on inference and comprehension skills.


Developing a love for reading in Snowy Owls

In Snowy Owls we are trying to encourage children to find books and authors that they are interested in to develop their love for reading and encourage them to become more independent when picking up books. In our reading corner we have books by Authors that have been shared with the children alongside those that they already love like Julia Donaldson. In Snowy Owls we also like to 'STOP, DROP and READ'. This is where the children stop what they are doing get a book they are interested in and drop to a comfy position on the floor to start reading.


Reading Across The Curriculum

We are always reading across the curriculum. In Phonics, literacy, topic and maths! There are always opportunity for reading skills and comprehension that we embed across our KS1 curriculum, for example: in Maths, problem solving and having the ability to understand what the problem is asking. 

Our current reading focus in literacy is around 'Toys in Space' by Mini Grey