School Parliament

Meet Our School Parliament 2020/21

Our school parliament meet every third week to discuss whole school issues to improve our school.  Each of the members of FWVPS Parliament have been voted in by their respective classmates.  We have two children from Year 5 and two children from Year 6 and one child from all other year groups.  

Main Core Tasks

Our school parliament have had a lot of input into improving our school.  A number of our recent School Parliament projects are below.


Meeting Minutes


To discuss improvements to the school house system to improve whole school behaviour.

The children were all given an opportunity to speak with their classes to discuss ways that we could improve our whole school house system (Maple, Oak, Ash and Willow).  The children came up with an idea of renaming the house groups to make it more exciting.  The children also wanted to improve the use of the Class Dojo behaviour reward system.

Pupil ownership on the house group names - competition for best alternative house groups. Children also were able to explain how the teachers should distribute a Dojo point.

To improve our outdoor provision / playground.



To create a list of questions for the headteacher recruitment

The children met with Mrs Smith (GOV) to create a list of questions that they would like to ask the headteacher candidates.  All children contributed a question and collated a list from their year group.

Pupil voice is high in ensuring that they have a voice in the recruitment process.

To create the new school year menu for Edsential to make and provide.

The children met with  Mrs Taylor to look at creating the new school year food menu.

Pupil ownership on what is being provided by the school kitchen.