Pastoral support for parents and carers

Pastoral support for parents and carers


Most of you already know me, but for those that don’t my name is Mrs Cory Taylor. I have worked at school since 2018 as the Safeguarding, Pastoral and Inclusion Lead. I have been supporting families for 15 years or so. My journey started working in Greater Manchester supporting the families of prisoners, I then began to work with in communities with what was the Sure Start service with in the local Children’s Centres. I have had a wealth of experience in this field both personally and professionally, so please be assured all of the family support work is carried out discreetly and confidentially.

Moving localities was daunting for me, I had to build up relationships with colleagues, families, get to grips with new systems and services. Not to mention settling in my own family into Cheshire. But I think I have finally cracked it and who doesn’t like a challenge?

One thing I noticed about our school is that it is a home from home, every child is loved and supported above and beyond the recommended guidance from the DFE. I very quickly felt part of the family and hope I am as welcoming to new starters as I had when i first arrived.

Safeguarding Team

The Safeguarding Team is not just me, I work under the directive of Mr. Van Geffen and Miss. Baker. We meet up regularly to see how to best support pupils and families, we are accountable to the governors who make sure we are doing everything we can possibly do and ensure that the whole team are trained to a high standard, our Safeguarding Governor is Ken McClarney. Most of the staff here know your families inside and out and I hope you will agree but they do an amazing job and I am in awe of them every single day.

Support packages

Cheshire West and Chester use a continuum of need to assess which service is best suited to address the care packages for families.

School mostly can support at universal level addressing needs such as employment, courses, parental conflict, non-attendance, debt, parenting etc. Sometimes we need an extra hand from the Early Intervention Service or Social Workers. A really good tool we use is a TAF.

TAF - a guide for parents and carers

Would you like extra help with family life?

If you live in west Cheshire a professional who is already working with you can help, all you need to do is ask. For example this could be a health visitor, someone working at your children’s school, a youth worker or a housing officer. 

A Team Around the Family, also known as a TAF, is used to get everyone together who is or could be working with your family. With your agreement they will work together to identify the needs and strengths of your family. It will be used to find out what works well in your family, any extra support your family may need and the best way to help you with this.

A TAF is voluntary. You and your children can choose if you would like to take part.

How does TAF work?

The worker that you have asked about a TAF will talk to you and your family. You will have a say about who will support you (your lead professional) and where you would like to meet. 

The first thing your lead person will do is ask you and your family to sign a consent form. You will also need to sign for any of your children aged under 16. Any children over 16 will be able to sign for themselves. This is to make sure you and your family are happy to take part in a TAF. 

Your lead professional will start by filling in a TAF assessment form with you. This considers what you think and will show what works in your family and what support your family may need. You will only need to tell your story once. It is important that your child is given the opportunity to speak to a worker that they know and discuss their wishes and feelings.

Your lead professional will then arrange a meeting. This will be to agree a plan of support for you and your family. The lead professional will discuss with you who you would like at the meeting and will invite them to attend. This is your meeting  and you will be supported to have your say. If your child is older we hope they will feel able to discuss their needs and attend the meeting with you.

Your lead professional will write up the notes of the meeting. The plan will bring together everyone who is, or should be, working with your family to give you the most support. 

The plan will be shared with you and once you’ve agreed it will be shared with the other people involved. 

Your lead professional will arrange regular meetings with everyone involved. This is to make sure that the action plan is being completed and your needs are being met. They will look at how well the plan is working and if any changes are needed.

When you and your family no longer need extra support you can agree the plan is complete. Meetings will no longer be needed and the TAF will close.

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I will be keeping this area up to date with helpful tips and services available to you, so please check back regularly.

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