My Happy Mind

myHappymind Learning Portal

At Frodsham Weaver Vale we have been  extremely  fortunate to have successfully become a pilot school for My Happy Mind.  Our children will be learning all about how to keep their mind fit and healthy.

There is a Parent App that can be downloaded from  From here you will be able to follow and support your child's learning.  

Throughout the year they will engage with  the following:

Meet Your Brain  -  how does my brain work and how do I look after it?

Celebrate  -  What are my unique character strengths and how can I celebrate them?

Appreciate  -  Why does gratitude matter and how do I develop this as a habit?

Relate  -  How do I build positive relationships and why do they matter?

Engage  -  How do I set meaningful goals that matter to me and keep resilient in times of challenge?