Our Curriculum Intent for Mathematics

At Frodsham Weaver Vale, we believe that all children should receive their entitlement to access all aspects of the mathematics curriculum. We want our children to become confident mathematicians, who have a secure mathematical competency – ‘mastery’ – in mathematics.

The concept of mastery, means that all children develop a deep understanding of the mathematics that they are learning. They should be then able to draw upon and use this, in new and different contexts, and when solving problems.

We believe that it is important for our pupils to spend time, fully exploring a concept, before moving on to a different topic as our aim is to develop a depth of core knowledge. In order for skills, knowledge and understanding to become well-formed, and truely assimilated, concepts are reinforced by ample practice. New knowledge is then developed in subsequent lessons, so that, as mathematical ideas are introduced, they build upon prior knowledge and understanding. In this way children are allowed to  develop and appreciate the relationships that exist between topics. Concepts are revisited in a spiral as pupils progress through the years, each time at a higher level.

We initially place an emphasis upon key basic skills in arithmetic (the core content of our maths curriculum),  as we believe this will give our children the mathematical foundations on which they can build, as they become successful with their maths mastery. In reception, our children follow  'A number of the week' approach which enables them to embedd their understanding of numbers to 20.



In all year groups, learning is carefully sequenced, taking into account those concepts which have been previously taught and assimilated, and the knowledge and skills that are needed for the next stage of our children’s mathematical development. We use The White Rose Resources to inform our planning and the delivery of our Mathematics curriculum.

This is however, a resource which informs our planning. When the needs of a cohort demands a different pace, teachers are encouraged and supported to use their assessments and judgement, and where appropriate, units may deviate from a year groups overview, be extended or condensed.

As part of their planning, teachers are also encouraged to identifying opportunities when, mathematics can be taught explicitly or applied, across the wider curriculum in subjects such as (but not limited to) science, history and geography and art.

At Frodsham Weaver Vale, we intend for the majority of our pupils to move through the programmes of study at broadly the same pace using adaptive teaching to ensure children become secure with their learning. Pupils, who grasp concepts rapidly, are challenged through rich and sophisticated problems, before any acceleration onto new content. Those children who are not sufficiently fluent with earlier material, are given time to consolidate their understanding, through direct teaching and additional practice, before moving on.  (N.C. 2014   P3)

From Reception through to Year 6, all year groups have a dedicated maths time/lesson each day. During these lessons, teachers encourage children to use a concrete, pictorial approach, before they move onto using more abstract representations and thinking. This exposes the underlying structure of the mathematics and makes it more accessible to all. Resources to promote this are readily available for all children within their maths lessons.  Maths is delivered to the whole class or year group where ever possible, and teaching promotes discussion and allows for precise questioning. Children often then work in smaller groups, which allows for ‘intelligent practice’, consolidation, reasoning, application and problem solving and, where necessary, individual support.

Fluency -  Core mathematical knowledge  is also often consolidated and practised outside of the daily maths lessons. ICT programmes such as ‘My Maths’ and ‘Times Tables Rock Stars’ are used to promote this consolidation throughout KS2. In KS1 and Early Years  RM Easi maths is used.

Reasoning and Problem Solving - In order for our children to become confident, when reasoning and solving mathematical problems , we realise that this is a skill that needs to be directly taught and modelled to our children.  Materials from NRich often support our delivery here. Click on the link to access a whole wealth of exciting resources which promote development of reasoning and problem solving skills.  

Resources and Materials

In addition to The White Rose Resources, the following resources are some of the materials used, to supplement and enhance the development of maths mastery at Frodsham Weaver Vale.  

  • N rich Materials
  • I See Maths
  • NCTEM Materials
  • Classroom Secrets
  • My Maths
  • Times Tables Rock Stars

 KS 2 You should now have all received a new password for your MyMaths login - please share this at home and put it somewhere safe.

Please click on the link above to access My Maths.

Username  - weaver

Password - angles257