E-Safety at Frodsham Weaver Vale

Teaching children how to stay safe online is not only a discrete focus of our Computing curriculum but is also woven thoughout.

We aim to support parents and carers in helping children to stay safe. 

The NSPCC has created a fantastic site to help support keeping children safe online.  Knowing which apps are safe, the recommended age range and what the apps actually do is difficult for parents and carers to stay on top of.

Visit the NSPCC Online Safety page to see how to set up online controls for a range of devices in your home.  The NSPCC Net Aware page will let you see up to date information on new apps and will let children what other children their age think about them too. 


For more information visit:

This website has a breadth of information for children, parents and professionals.  It is divided into age ranges t ensre that you get the appropriate information for individual children.

On this site you will find information, games and guidance for staying safe online and what to do if you are concerned.

The CEOP website below supports when a concern is present.  This site enables children, friends and families to report a concern following online incidents and will support through the reporting process.

Our door is always open for children and famlies to share worries, concerns or information about an online incidents.