Environmental Awareness

Biomass Boiler

At Frodsham Weaver Vale Primary we have installed a Biomass Boiler which will provide 95% of our energy requirements for heating.  Prior to the installation we used an oil burning boiler.  We were concerned about utilising fossil fuels to provide the energy for heating our school.  Biomass boilers burn wood that has been neutrally carbon footprint grown. 

As well as the improved use of a renewable energy source the Biomass Boiler reduces carbon emissions. The estimates are that by switching to biomass you can save up to 9 tons of carbon dioxide every year.

Please click on the picture belowe to enjoy our Photostory of how our Biomass Boiler was fitted.







LED Lighting                  

School have placed an order to replace all of the current lighting fittings throughout school with new LED lighting.  This will have a massive financial saving for the school as the new lights will be more efficient.  The projected Carbon Dioxide savings will be a staggering 14 tons per year.  Through reduced watt lights school are predicted to save approximately 63.4% of electricity.  This will have a huge impact on school's tight budget.

As the project moves forward we will endeavour to keep you updated.


School Waste

At school we have a number of different rubbish bins.  Our School Parliament asked the Senior Leadership Team about recycling at FWVPS.  We decided to contact our current provider - Ash Waste Services - to ask them how much of our rubbish that is collected weekly is recycled.  Please click on the document below to find out more information.

The children and staff were very happy to hear that over 94% of all waste provided from school is recycled.  It was also very reassuring to hear that 100% of waste was sorted for recycling and recovery.


School Allotments

We have used our 'fizzy drink tax' money to build a 5 bed school allotment.  There will be an allotment bed for each class.  The children will plan, seed and grow their own crops (with direction from their class teacher).  This will be an excellent way for the children to see where food comes from and realise that a number of delicious vegetables can be grown at home.