Barn Owls - Reception

We Love to Read!

In Reception we surround ourselves with lovely books at all times! We start every day with a story, the children choose between  2 books, voting after having discussed the title, front cover illustration and the blurb. The children are very good at asking who the author and illustrator is, and often recognise if we have already read a book by that author, referring to our book corner display of front covers of books previously read. Whilst reading, we discuss new vocabulary and its meaning, writing it up on our vocab poster to try and use that week. We love to join in with rhyme and try to predict what is going to happen next. The children are getting very good at recognising some of our high frequency words within the class books.

We always read 2-3 books every day, from a large selection that are chosen by Miss Curtis each half-term from Winsford Education Library. Miss Curtis loves to go the library to choose the books herself, trying to get a mixture of topic books, non-fiction books, books that involve counting, books with a message, and funny books that are guarenteed to make the children laugh! (And Miss Curtis!)

Home Learning

 Children have their reading books changed every Tuesday and Friday, and take home a book that is matched to their ability and phonemes currently covered. Every time the children have their Reading Diaries signed, they gain a leaf on our reading tree. The 4 children with the most leaves on the tree each half term will get a little prize!

Autumn 1 Reading winners!

Parent Volunteers

Currently, we have two fabulous parent helpers who come and listen to our children read every Tuesday. The children love to show them their new books, and also get tested on their phonemes and tricky words they have been learning.

Guided Reading

Miss Stanton listens to two guided reading groups every day, hearing all children read at least twice a week. They are getting very good at following with their fingers and taking it in turns to read a page. 

Weaver Bunny!

The children love to take home our reading rabbit, Weaver Bunny. A different child is chosen each night, and really enjoy taking him home to read to. Some even make up their own stories to tell him, with parents writing in Weaver's book to tell us all about them!

Reading Buddies

Reception love it when their Year 6 reading buddies come down on a Friday afternoon to read with them. First the Reception children read their books to the Year 6's, with the older children helping them to sound out unfamilair words and encouraing them to have a go if they are unsure. They write in their reading diaries offering positive comments. Then the Year 6's read a book of their choice to their younger friends, modelling how to point to the words and use expression in their voices.


The children are free to take books for their enjoyment home from a collection in the EYFS corridor.