Permission for holidays during the school term will only be granted in the most exceptional circumstances. We are fully committed to upholding Department of Education legislation in relation to family holidays taken in term time. Taking a child out of school in term time can impair their progress and development.

Parents and Carers who remove their children from school in term time may be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice. (From 1 September 2013 these will be for £60 per parent per child if paid within 21 days and £120 per parent per child if paid between 22 and 28 days. Parents who fail to pay Fixed Penalty Notices may be prosecuted in court.)

School work will not be provided by the classteacher for children who take leave of absence during school term time. School work planned by the classteacher is delivered in school during term time. 


If your child is absent please ring the school office on 01244 981115 and leave a message.

Please give your child’s name and class, together with the reason for your child’s absence. This is very important as if this information isn't shared then a member of our school office will have to make contact with you to obtain this information. 

Please make medical or dental appointments outside school hours. If you know that your child is going to be off for a medical appointment or any other reason please ring the school before the day of the appointment. Attendance at school is important and affects a young person’s progress. Please only allow your child to be absent if it is absolutely necessary.

All absences must be explained. 


Penalty Notices may be considered appropriate in the following circumstances:

• Attendance below 90% with at least 10 days lost due to unauthorised absence. These do not need to be consecutive.

• 5 days or more unauthorised absence due to holidays in term time.

• The presence of an excluded child in a public place at any time during school hours in that child’s first five days of a school exclusion without good reason.

• A pupil arrives late after the registers are closed (using a code U) on 10 or more separate occasions.